Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tom Cryer vs IRS: NOT GUILTY!

July 13, 2007: Who's Crying Now?

Tom Cryer vs IRS: NOT GUILTY!

I was at the trial to hear the NOT guilty verdict come out. He was acquitted on 2 counts of willful failure to file and all tax evasion charges were dropped even before the trial started. This goes to show that the IRS is full of shit and that people are catching on about the fact that there's no law that requires the average American to pay an income tax.

This is how Tom won: He is a seasoned attorney of 30 years. He's even made laws. So if he can't find a law after 15 years of research and after reading the entire Internal Revenue Code (6,000 pages), then where the hell is the law?

Also, he's always said that the income tax is legal and it is constitutional BUT to whom does it apply to? Only to those involved in international trade and foreign commerce like corporations (61% of corporations, however, don't pay any income tax according to the GAO since they write off your labor as an expense and put the burden on your shoulders to pay it for them. And to think that your company loves you!)

It was an unanimous verdict of 12-0 NOT guilty. The jury isn't stupid. Neither are you. Demand that the IRS show you the law (hint: there's none)!

I made a guest appearance on a radio show in Austin: (July 14, 1:00PM) Please listen to what went on at the trial and what you can do to fight the complicit income tax! Thanks!

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