Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brilliant, Free Idea to Support Ron Paul!

The website called wheresgeorge.com, which prints its domain name with the message "Track Me" on all their dollar bills, and tracks where they have been, gave me a marketing idea. We could do the same thing to promote Ron Paul. And it's legal!

All you need is a pen (red preferably). Just neatly print:

Stop The War

or some other message like this ("No Income Tax", "Keep Your Money", etc., as clearly and legibly as possible on a blank portion of both sides of the bill. Do not make it bigger than it has to be. Do not write "Vote for Ron Paul", because that is redundant, takes up more space, and makes people feel like we're shoving ideas down their throats. Something catchy with just the website will make them curious and want to visit his site to see how he can help monetary policy. Just write something like "Stop the War" or "For America's Freedom" with the website underneath. Make RONPAUL capitalized so that it stands out and so the the L isn't mistaken for a 1.

Click here to get a free rubber stamp to speed things up.

Print or stamp this on all your money. Although it's a little inconvenient, try carrying around all $1 bills, since this will maximize advertising potential. What's great about this technique is has a virtually zero opportunity cost. You need money to do it, but all you're doing is putting it on all the money you're going to spend anyway.

Flyers cost money, take effort to hand out, are often avoided, ignored, and thrown away, and only reach the person you hand it to. With this technique, it costs nothing but ink, takes no effort to spread, will never be thrown away since it's money, and every time the bill is involved in a transaction, someone else will hear about Ron Paul.

Join the revolution.
Joseph on Ron Paul's MySpace Group came up with a brilliant plan to spread Ron Paul's message. Here is his description:


Ron said...

Read How Ron Paul Became President

A fictional case study about how a future terrorist attack against the US and the Bush administration response elects Ron Paul as President.

Learn what could happen when the United States is hit by another terrorist attack by Islamic extremists that creates an extreme response by Washington in The Final Presidential Executive Order at http://www.swissconfederationinstitute.org/swisspreserve14.htm

This is from new online book, “The Swiss Preserve Solution” by Ron Holland & it results in the election of Ron Paul as President, not in 2008 but in 2012.

Bud said...

Great idea! I suggest a simple, "Who is Ron Paul?" and the website: www.ronpaul2008.com

That way you don't create any friction about War or Terrorism or VOTE this or that.

We've got work to do...let's get to it!